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7th Pay Commission Report on Leave Encashment of EL Vivek December 13, 2015 7th Pay Commission :

7th Pay Commission Report on Leave Encashment of EL – Existing Earned Leave ceiling of 300 days to continue.

7th CPC has received representations seeking raising the ceiling limit of 300 days to 450 days for purposes of Leave encashment of Earned Leave.
leave encashment permitted at the time of retirement :

CPC Earned Leave
IV CPC 240 days
V CPC 300 days
VI CPC 300 days #
# Excludes 60 days EL encashment during LTC
Analysis and Recommendations : The Commission noted that serving employees are entitled for encashment of Earned Leave up to 60 days while in service. This will not to be deducted from the maximum number of Earned Leave of 300 days encashable at the time of retirement.
The recommendations in relation to pay of both the civilian and defence forces personnel will also lead to a significant increase in the pay drawn and therefore in the total amount of leave encashment available for an employee.
Therefore the present ceiling of 300 days Earned Leave for encashment at the time of retirement will continue.