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AIPMT 2016 Answer Key:

About AIPMT 2016 Answer Key: 
Medical coaching institutes Resonance, Allen Kota, Career Point, Aakash has released AIPMT 2016 answer key for candidates within 3 to 4 hours after completion of exam so that candidates can know their expected score as per their opted answer. The AIPMT answer key 2016 is available for all sets of AIPMT 2016 question booklet given in the entrance exam. Some coaching institutes also provide detail solutions along with answer key so that candidates can check their approach for solving questions.
Candidates can download AIPMT 2016 answer key and Solutions (All Code - A/P/W, B/Q/X, C/R/Y, D/S/Z) provided by leading coaching institutes like Aakash, Allen, Resonance, Brilliant, and Career Point from the table given below. The AIPMT Answer Key 2016 will be updated on May 1, 2016 as and when it will provided by the coaching institutes.
Coaching Institutes Name

AIPMT Answer Key - Code A/P/W AIPMT Answer Key - Code B/Q/X AIPMT Answer Key - Code C/R/Y AIPMT Answer Key - Code D/S/Z AIPMT Solutions
Aakash InstitutepdfDownload NowpdfDownload NowpdfDownload NowpdfDownload NowpdfDownload Now
Career PointpdfDownload NowpdfDownload NowpdfDownload NowpdfDownload NowpdfDownload Now
ResonancepdfDownload NowpdfDownload NowpdfDownload NowpdfDownload NowpdfDownload Now
Allen KotapdfDownload NowpdfDownload NowpdfDownload NowpdfDownload NowpdfPhysicspdfChemistrypdfBiology
Bansal Classespdfpdfpdfpdfpdf
Truimph AcademypdfDownload Nowpdfpdfpdfpdf
PathfinderpdfpdfpdfpdfDownload Nowpdf
Rao IIT AcademypdfDownload NowpdfDownload NowpdfDownload NowpdfDownload NowpdfDownload Now
Brilliant Study CentrepdfDownload NowpdfDownload NowpdfDownload NowpdfDownload Nowpdf
Download AIPMT 2016 Question Paper
AIPMT 2016 Question paperCode WCode XCode YCode Z
pdfDownload NowpdfDownload NowpdfDownload NowpdfDownload Now

AIPMT 2016 Official Answer Key: The examination authority CBSE will release AIPMT 2016 official answer key on May 24. The official answer key of AIPMT 2016 will be available for two days i.e. from May 24 to 26, 2016. Candidates can download official AIPMT answer key 2016 from this page as soon it will be available to check their score. Before the publication of official answer key, CBSE will publish replica of candidate’s AIPMT 2016 OMR sheet for three days from May 19 to 23, 2016. Candidates are advised to download their AIPMT 2016 OMR sheet so that they can their answers with the AIPMT 2016 official answer key.

Candidates can check and download AIPMT 2016 answer key released by CBSE and scanned Images of their OMR Sheet by logging to their account through their user ID (AIPMT 2016 Registration Number) and Password.

If candidates have doubt or find any incorrect answer provided by CBSE in AIPMT 2016 Answer Key then they can challenge it within the given dates through online window provided for this purpose. Based on the information mentioned in AIPMT 2016 admission brochure, candidates challenge any answer of AIPMT 2016 official answer key on payment of Rs.1000 per response challenged. If the review authority accepts the challenged answer key then the fee will be refunded otherwise if it will be not be refunded. In case of any discrepancy regarding official AIPMT answer key 2016, decision of the CBSE will be final and no request will be entertained regarding re-checking.

Candidates can download official AIPMT 2016 answer key from the table given below. The given table for AIPMT 2016 answer key will be updated as and when it will be released by examination authority.

To Download AIPMT 2016 Official Answer Key:
AIPMT 2016 Answer KeyAIPMT Answer Key - Code WAIPMT Answer Key - Code XAIPMT Answer Key - Code YAIPMT Answer Key - Code Z
 Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here
As per the AIPMT 2016 marking scheme, for each correct response candidates will score 4 marks and for each incorrect response 1 mark will be deducted from the total score.

Highlights of AIPMT 2016 marking scheme is given below:
  • Total Mark of AIPMT 2016 is 720
  • Four marks for each correct response. Total number of questions is 180. Each question is of 4 marks
  • 4 marks for each correct response therefore total marks for AIPMT 2016 is 720 (180  x 4)
  • Negative marking: One mark (-1) to be deducted for each incorrect response
  • No deduction from the total score will, however, be made if no response is indicated for an item in the answer sheet. The candidates are advised not to attempt such item in answer sheet, if they are not sure of the correct response
  • More than one answer indicated in a question will be deemed as incorrect response and will be negatively marked
The AIPMT 2016 question booklet had 45 questions from each section of Physics, Chemistry and 90 from Biology which includes Botany and Zoology. As per AIPMT 2016 exam pattern, the questions booklet will be in English and Hindi. The question booklet either English or given to candidates as per chosen language while filling up the AIPMT 2016 application form

How to calculate AIPMT 2016 marks: The following procedure will be followed to calculate marks of candidates in AIPMT 2016 
  • Step 1:  4 x number of correct response = Total score of AIPMT 2016 will be out of 720
  • Step 2:  1 mark to be deducted for each incorrect response from the total score
Candidate’s AIPMT 2016 Score out of 720 = {Total number of correct answer x 4 – Total number of incorrect response x 1}